Aqua Fusion Liberty Deluxe Kayak

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With lots of room for larger paddlers and/or gear, the Liberty is a good choice for recreational paddlers. The Liberty is a boat with enough rocker to ride over larger swells while still easy to track. Standard features include a large cockpit for easy entry, ratchet-adjustable ergonomic seating for comfort, tough superlinear plastic for durability, adjustable foot braces, easy carry handles, mesh gear pocket, rear hatch and deck rigging.

Deluxe Model Features:
Rear wateright bulkhead, Retractable skeg for tracking, padded seat, back and hips.


Length: 12’10”
Width: 27.5”
Depth: 11.5”
Cockpit: 42” x 20.5”
Hatch: 17” x 10”
Base weight: 54lb