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A man who fights through the special stage of the BASS Elite series, the world's oldest and toughest bass tournament.
Chris Zardin, Neo Lion of Team Megabass STW. His magic hand, which is said to be a "precision machine", has been able to handle everything from finesse to power games, and his amazing fishing performance has given many wonders to the top anglers who are competing in the elite series.
Chris Zardin and Yuki Ito, Kenya Yamashita of Japan's Megabass Headquarters Factory Team, Megabass of America Inc. "PROJECT / SHINOBI Code-ZERO" was launched by the STW (Support to win) divisions of.
The development team of "Project Shinobi" Code Zero literally uses the technology of Chris's right arm, Levante USA and Destroyer US-Tour Limited, which causes a big whirlwind in the field as a rod dedicated to the US BASS elite series battle, and a machine dedicated to Japan field. Developed from scratch. And he created a tremendous high spec rod.
The unique "high balancing" technology, which was thoroughly fed back from the actual battles of Chris and his friends, and the "Levante Graphite" method, which has been stripped of extravagant meat to the utmost limit and made into an ultra-low resin, make the angler feel like a lure. It will be a marvelous game changer that enhances the intuitive responsiveness as if it is directly connected and fundamentally changes even the standard of the first choice of bass rod.
Chris's unique "direct drive" feel, which erases the weight of the rod blanks when mounting the reel, makes only the presence of the lure stand out, and connects the angler and the lure directly, is so overwhelming. It is. This is one aspect of STW's work, the technical support for winning with Megabass technology, which has been ruthlessly sharpening the precision machine and Chris's magic hand.
Levante, which embodies overwhelming light weight feel and directability with the latest Megabass rod technology, will make every tournament rod a thing of the past.